Access Control

Member Magic can include an access control system, to provide the club with an automatic system managing member and public access to club grounds and buildings.

Doors and gates can be fitted with movement detectors and/or device readers, then open for anyone at certain times, while at other times only open for people with an authorised electronic key or card. Comprehensive rules and access levels are available to provide tiered access into different parts of the club. The system is robust, including specialised access controller systems with battery backups so the system will continue operating through many hours of power failure. All successful and failed access attempts are logged, available to be reviewed in a security audit. They can also be analyzed to learn about patterns of member visitation to the club.

A full access control setup at a club would typically include:

  • Car park gates and building front doors set to open automatically by day of week and within certain time ranges to allow public access.
  • Many gates or doors into the member areas are locked to the public, and only open for members in specific time ranges, based on their membership type-based or personal access level.
  • Access to men & women's changerooms limited by gender.
  • Access into staff areas limited to committee members, volunteers, and staff.


ID Devices

Member Magic centrally manages ID devices for members, sharing them with Access Control and Point of Sale systems, so members need only use a single device to interact with both systems.


ClubKeys are heavy-duty, virtually indestructable fob keys that we often recommend for use at Yacht Clubs. We supply these in advance to the club, who then allocate them to members in Member Magic from stock held on hand at the club.

HID Cards and FOBs

HID cards or FOBs are secure devices that are well suited to Access Control and can also work at point of sale. We supply these in advance to the club, who then allocate them to members in Member Magic from stock held on hand at the club.

Magnetic Swipe Cards

Magnetic Swipe Cards - like credit cards - are the preferred device type when clubs wish to print the member's details onto the card. Member Magic can queue card orders and then send an order to the supplier when a pre-set minimum order quantity is reached.

Barcode Cards

Member Magic can also register to a member barcode cards created at the club. These are used at some clubs that prefer to produce low cost member cards in-house.

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